About Janpo

High precision & Professional cutting tools


JANPO has been supplying high-precision and professional cutting tools for many years & continues to develop industry-leading solid carbide end mills.

Offer a Complete Range of tungsten Carbide End Mills

Made from Premium Nano, Super, & Micro grain end mill substrates

Furthermore, not only can our cutting tools be used for general purpose machining, they can also be used for hard materials in high speed and soft metal machining applications.

Industry Standards


All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards to ensure exceptional performance and high durability.

Moreover, we can produce end mills with diameters as small as 0.2mm, and cutting tools that can machine hardened steel up to HRC 65. With our vast range of knowledge and experience in the production of precision cutting tools, we are able to customize the manufacture of end mills according to the requirements of our customers.


Materials and equipment

We source the best raw materials from Germany and use high precision CNC grinding equipment imported from Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

Coating technology

JANPO cutting tools also adopts the Swiss “Balzers” coating technology, which provides end mills with higher cutting speeds and a longer service life.

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Our goal is to offer customers high-quality and cost-effective cutting tools so that they can fully optimize their production operations. Give us a call and experience the difference JANPO Tool can make to your company.