Material Grade

  • S Series Nano Super Micro Grain

    S Series grain size: 0.2µm

    Drill / milling application, e.g. for high wear resistance materials, for stainless steels, for composite materials like Kevlar and Graphite Reinforced Plastics. For PCB routers. For high speed cutting. For dry cutting.

  • U Series Super Micro Grain

    U Series grain size: 0.4~0.5µm

    For titanium alloys, heat-resistant alloys austenitic stainless steels, grey cast iron, fiberglass reinforced plastics

  • X Series Nano Super Micro Grain

    X Series grain size: 0.6µm

    Drill / milling application, e.g. for titanium alloys, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steels, hardened steels, grey cast iron, fiberglass reinforced plastics, composite materials. For machine taps.

Solid Carbide Materials

At present, three types of solid carbide materials have been applied on JANPO end mills. Based on the characteristics and the tests that we have conducted, different materials are selected and applied to various end mills in order to provide the best solutions. All solid carbide materials are imported from Germany.

Material Code Wc% Co% Average Grain Size﹝μm﹞ Hardness HV30﹝kg/mm2﹞ Hardness HRA﹝ISO3738﹞ TRS﹝N/mm2﹞ KIC﹝MNm-3/2﹞ ISO Classification
S Series 91 9 0.2 1920 93.9 4000 9.3 K10-K30
U Series 88 12 0.4-0.5 1680 92.5 4000 10.0 K40-K50
X Series 90 10 0.6 1610 92.3 4000 10.5 K20-K40


Balzers coating technology provides JANPO cutting tools with excellent performance during engineering process. The following four coatings are commonly used.

Coating Microhardness (HV 0.05) Coating Thickness (μm) Max Working Temperature High Speed Cutting and High Hardness Cutting
BALINIT@FUTURA NANO (NaNo TiAlN) 3300 3 900℃ --
BALINIT@TiXSin 3600 2~2.5 1100℃ Hardness over HRC 60
BALINIT@X. TREME (X TiAlN 3500 4 800℃ Dry Cutting
BALINIT@nACo-B 4200 3 1200℃ Hardness over HRC 60